KIRKLAND GALLERY is located at 40 Kirkland Street, Cambridge, MA 02138. Please note that the entrance is on Sumner Road and you will need a Harvard Graduate School of Design ID to enter the building. If you would like to visit the gallery and are not a GSD student, please contact us at

2018.11 mirror/MĪRUS


A native of Ohio, Caleb Marhoover is an artist and designer currently based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His piece “MIRROR” facilitates the formation of a haptic (positive) feedback loop between person and building, amplifying footsteps into an unplanned orchestra of tremors.


LEENA, ( is a whole (art-entity), whose parts (powers) are Anthony James Stillabower and Ryan William Beitz. Leena’s sole concern is the ethical treatment of sound by means of the following meta-ethical principle: texture without space. “THE NEXT HAMMER BIG...” is this.

Caleb Marhoover, LEENA

2019.03 Dinner Party

2018.11 Sugar Thief