KIRKLAND GALLERY is a student organization dedicated to supporting the Harvard Graduate School of Design community and its emerging artists/designers. This is our fifth year as the only student-run gallery on campus and we continue to seek out transdisciplinary proposals that expand the creative discourse within the GSD and the Harvard University community at large.

KIRKLAND GALLERY is located at 40 Kirkland Street, Cambridge, MA 02138. Please note that the entrance is on Sumner Road and you will need a Harvard Graduate School of Design ID to enter the building. If you would like to visit the gallery and are not a GSD student, please contact us at gsdkirklandgallery@gmail.com.




Ana Luiza Addor
Kathryn Arbabanel
Inés Benitez
Luisa Brando
Eric Moed
Mindy Seu
Alicia Valencia


Andrea Carrillo Iglesias
Marielsa Castro Vizcarra
Jolene W.H. Lee


Jiyoo Jye
Vero Smith
Young Joo Mavis Song
Scott Valentine


Amy Atzmon
Irene Chin
Jen Krava
Jiyoo Jye
Scott Valentine


Amy Atzmon
Irene Chin
Vaughn Horn
Jen Krava
Ashley Mendelsohn
Michael Peguero
Jessica Sevilla