I see what I see clearly

The exhibit is a multi-media presentation of a research road trip last summer, observing, documenting and audio recording the various encounters they had while observing subsidized housing along the way. The exhibit is divided into four sections: Strategic Partnerships; Services + Amenities; Insecurity + Scarcity; and Identity. See attached for more details!

Strategic Partnerships: Residential developments financed through careful collaborations between public and private entities. These partners are able to leverage their own priorities within the design often resulting in more dynamic, or “housing plus”, models.

Services + Amenities: Not all residential properties are created equal; in addition to shelter some provide, for example, on-site childcare and job counseling services whereas others receive little attention for the physical property or the resident’s wellbeing. These amenities are frequently the result of strategic partnerships however, the degree of variation seen between the housing stock and services offered warrants a category unto itself.

Insecurity + Scarcity: Subsidized housing provides financial assistance to residents in areas where housing is frequently limited in quantity and/or cost. In many cases, due to the scarcity of non-subsidized affordable housing available, this leads to feelings of insecurity, complacency, stress and fear.

Identity: In addition to funding programs available, typologies vary depending on political attitudes of the region and the time. In some locations housing is meant to blend into the neighborhood fabric whereas as in others the design suggests separation and difference. This difference can serve to inform feelings of pride, shame, and ultimately, identity.

This exhibit has been organized by: Whitney Hansley (MArchI 2016), Brian Palmiter (GSAS GOV 2019),  Allison Green (MUP 2015) and Courtney Sharpe  (MUP 2015)