BIquini Wax EPS


The Kirkland Gallery Intermissions Series serves as a platform for cross-institutional exchange, interrupting the gallery's regular programming to lend space to individuals and organizations outside of the university. This year, with the support of the Office for the Arts and the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, we have invited Biquini Wax EPS to produce a workshop and laboratory for the collective design and construction of monsters. Organized to coincide with Halloween, this event will focus on the subject of monsters to address the sociocultural conditions within Mexico and the U.S.A. that have led to the emergence of political tyrants in recent history.

Biquini Wax EPS is an interdependent contemporary art space in Mexico City run by artists Paloma Contreras Lomas, Israel Urmeer, Cristóbal Gracia, Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba, and Eric Valencia; writers Gustavo Cruz, and Sandra Sánchez; art historian Natalia de la Rosa; and curators Roselin Rodriguez Espinosa Julio García Murillo. Biquini Wax EPS is a contemporary art sect, first established in order to create an original cultural space that would allow emergent artists to exhibit their art with refreshing peculiarity. From its conception, the sect’s research developed in complete communion with its work space or sanctuary, the lacking separation between the private and public spheres viewed as an expression of labor conditions in neoliberal times. Nowadays, the group’s main objective is the production of art and critique generated in relationship to the space’s specific urban context. This is achieved through the collective’s unique organizational structure, and the commitment of its members to the political, social, and economic study of the Buenos Aires neighborhood where Biquini Wax EPS is currently located. This includes an expansion into the types of interventions the collective pursues, from those mainly geared towards domestic space to actions directed at the greater social landscape.