A portrait of home. Two different homes, two different families, two vastly different cultural backgrounds. fortyK presents UNDEFINED and ADVENTURES IN CODEPENDENCE in our first exhibition of the Fall 2016 season. Join us as we enter the spaces of home and get an intimate look at two differing experiences of familial ties and the complexities of the evolution of identity over time.

UNDEFINED by Alexandra Mei and Diana Tao

Two Chinese Americans - we belong to two races or none at all. Lives of duality, the effort to belong as immigrants, as first-generation citizens, as the model minority - the project attempts to open a conversation on the notion of straddling two identities through anecdote, collection and dialogue. Chinese-American, Chinese and American, we attempt to challenge and celebrate the cultures that claim us as their own. Our daily choreography, the spaces inhabited and the objects used; the times of discomfort, confusion and self-reflection; the smallest details we once thought to be strange and foreign are shared and a significant part of our lives - this is an invitation into the private lives of two Chinese-Americans.


A photographic presentation of the artist's relationship with his mother through spontaneous images captured in and during conversation. The project presents a very private relationship to the public using humor as a lens, capturing the eccentricities of his mother's every day activities as a contemplative journal. This is an edited collection of images captured over a period of two years during a tumultuous and emotional period in the lives of the subject and the artist. Originally shot with a mobile device, the enlarged format of the images and the resulting distortion serve to veil and protect, even as the images create an intimate portrait of the relationship between subject and photographer, mother and son.


Photo by Keith Scott